2K Basketball

2K Basketball

The latest edition of the 2k series is NBA 2K17, which is highly regarded as the best 2k basketball game to date. NBA 2K17 features tons of new animations for shooting, dribbling and rebounding as well as new sliding animations on defense and the result is a much more smoother game than last years. New to 2k basketball this year is the shot stick, which gives you a boost if you aim the right analog stick accurately (within 5 degrees left or right) along with a fully revamped myleague online mode. All of these new additions to the 2k basketball game really puts NBA 2K17 over the top in terms of gameplay quality. NBA 2K17 is available for the Xbox One and PS4.


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2K Basketball

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Maybe you came to this page looking for an honest opinion about NBA 2K17. In all honesty, it is absolutely the best 2k basketball game to date. It feels and plays like a real NBA game, and on lookers form a distance won't be able to tell the difference. This is a game that you need to add to your gaming collection if you are a true basketball fan and video gamer. This is simply the best NBA 2K game of the past decade, and certainly the best on Next Gen Consoles

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